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A Place Away From the Technocrats: Welcome to New Subscribers

I’ve been mulling around the idea of making this blog more like a, well, blog, but I’ve found that such writing doesn’t always come that naturally to me.

I am perfectly comfortable accounting a news story infused with emphatic opinion or making bold statements about faith or values or the fallacies of progressive philosophy.

But sitting down and writing about homemaking, parenting, health and wellness, the things that fill my life with joy and meaning, weirdly always feels kind of contrived.

I guess this is in large part because the lifestyle blog niche has become saturated and while a lot of women do it really, really well, God has put the words on my heart to defend His Word and precepts in the macro.

I’m OK with this.

And the thing is, I want to get the heck off Big Tech owned social media.

Dystopic novels and films have always been my favorite and I’ve read enough of them to know how bad digital tyranny could get.

The decade in which social media has grossly adulterated the way in which we share and receive information has ironically led me right back to the early building blocks of the internet: blogging and email.

I’ve been in the process of trying to get my Instagram tribe, a group of fiercely intelligent Christians and dedicated wives and mothers who encourage and edify me daily, to follow me over at my blog so we can ditch Big Tech together.

Or at least have an alternative medium to continue the work of building one another up and preparing each other and the next generation to defend the faith and do battle for Christ.

So if you’re reading this, thank you very much for coming on over here. I doubt I’ll abandon Instagram before I get kicked off, but I’d like to invest more time and energy into a site that is all my own, for my thoughts, free of censorship and all the garbage that comes along with this bizarre social engineering experiment that is social media.

(I’m only being slightly hyperbolic, there is rather a compelling case to be made that social media was developed by the CIA. Even if it’s creation was entirely benevolent, it certainly has the potential, potential I believe we’ve seen fulfilled, for mass mind-control.)

I have also set up a Goodreads group for our newly established Bold Truth Book Club where we will be challenging ourselves to read 12 titles for 2021 that will equip us to defend the faith, respond to the culture, and raise up equally bold warriors for Christ.

Aside from Jesus and my family, literature the love of my life and it feels like a great way to utilize The Interwebs without sacrificing my soul to focus on reading together as a group!

So, as for this blogging thing, my husband has been encouraging me to share more about who we are and our little life.

We live in the Ozarks where we just bought a house up in the woods.


What tends to be most interesting about us to most people though is that we met and got married in Hawaii and moved here in 2016 with our two then-toddler boys who are now delightfully odd and eccentric little homeschooled elementary schoolers at 7 and 8.

They are 19 months apart but my youngest is gifted and has always been perfectly comfortable at his brother’s grade level so they are both in third grade.

I use a very gentle, minimalistic Charlotte Mason/classical method that is based on dabbling in some of her literature and podcasts like Your Morning Basket, Scholè Sisters, and The Mason Jar.

I’ve mostly just felt out the approaches to learning that resonate the most with our family and lifestyle.

Anyway, back to Hawaii. It was beautiful but very expensive and while I loved living there where I fell deeply in love with God, it was definitely time to go.

We’d never imagined we’d own property out there but our dream was always to homestead in whatever capacity we could.

I originally moved to Hawaii at the beginning of the Great Recession to learn to garden and survive since it seemed to me the end was nigh. Actually, eschatology was one of my husband’s selling points on the Gospel when we’d later meet and he’d evangelize me.

Evangelize me he did in what would go on to be a blossoming relationship with Christ that you all are more familiar with in its slightly more mature form.

In short, I went from San Francisco socialist progressive to fundamentalist, #tradlife homemaker and have never looked back.

Now, we live in the woods and are trying to get as off-grid as possible. Just being out here in the middle of nowhere is a nice start. We have land to hunt and trap on.

In fact, I shot my first squirrel this weekend but thought it would be weird to make a post about that since even people out here get wigged out by eating squirrel.

I guess it’s safe to say we’re aspiring hillbillies and I do often chuckle at the irony. A girl raised on Zinn and artsy coffee shops and metropolitan liberalism living in the woods, shooting squirrel, and blogging about Jesus and politics.

My friends and family back home think it’s weird too, believe me, but my heart is full and our life is lovely and I’ve never felt more strongly about what is truly right and wrong, good and evil, true and false.

And praise the Lord for that!

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