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A Prayer For Those Whose Friends and Family Just Won't "Wake Up"

Not long after I first became a Christian, I got pretty into conspiracy theories as my entire worldview shifted to one that allowed for supernaturality.

My views have changed in many ways since then, but in other ways, I'm still quite a bit of what we called a "truther" back then (OK it was like 5 years ago, I'm not that old and neither is the so-called truth movement).

Not only did I began to understand why I was created, what would happen when I die, and the debt that was paid for me on the cross in addition to the many lies I had been told about Christianity and morality my whole life, but I also began to view the many corrupt institutions that I had long scorned in a whole new light.

I believed then, as I do now, that our world is locked in a complex spiritual battle in which many of the most powerful people in the world are deliberately trying to snuff out the value of human life and diminish its imagery of God.

At the time, however, it absolutely killed me that I couldn't get other people to wake up to this reality. As a relatively new, and rather over-zealous and hyper-religious Christian, I so desperately wanted people to see the world the way that I did so that they too would be "awake" to the evils of it all.

I was earnest, but juvenile in my methods, and also often very poorly argued the points that mattered so much to me as I also suffered from a blinding confirmation bias that was very kindly pointed out to me by various friends and family members who made me realize just because something was in a meme didn't mean it was true.

I'm no paragon of intellectual integrity now, by any means, but I will say the Lord has put considerably more grace on my heart for those who simply don't always see things in the same black-and-white terms as I do.

Nonetheless, in this crazy period of history that is the coronavirus outbreak, my heart does ache for those who are grieved to see their family members and loved ones seem to so quickly set aside their critical thinking skills and blindly trust what they're hearing on the news or from the state and federal governments.

So if you are struggling while you see many around you seemingly unable or unwilling to "wake up," I'd like to offer this prayer, both for you and those you are trying to enlighten.

Dear Lord,

I thank you for whoever is reading this and for their heart to warn the people they care about against evil and against lies. I pray that you would, in turn, guard their heart against deception and emotionalism and direct their thoughts and actions with a spirit of power, love, and sound mind rather than fear.

I pray that you would give them a heart full of agape love for those around them, and for the humility to love on those who refuse to listen, even when they seem to have no other reason than simply not wanting to hear.

I pray that you would use your servants during this dark and chaotic time to shine the light and truth of your gospel, first and foremost.

I pray you would put on the hearts of your children the primacy of your word and help them to wisely discern which issues to focus on and which to let lie.

Help us to see the deep, spiritual needs of those around us and how the truth we share with them can point them towards your word and your truth.

Help us to hold other Christians accountable, not to our own standards, but to biblical standards.

Lord, we know that true knowledge begins with the fear of You.

May all we do point others towards that fear, as well as the immeasurable grace that died for us on the cross.

In Jesus' name we pray.

In closing, I'd like to offer a quick admonishment to not get too easily sucked into temporal knowledge. Sometimes, as hard as it can be to admit, people won't listen to us because we've been wrong about things in the past. When you share content on social media or make claims in conversations, make sure you have tested that information and if not, that you're willing to admit if you were mistaken about something.

It never hurt anyone to listen and hear from other people and learn how they form their worldview or draw their conclusions about certain issues, and right now, we need a lot more grace and kindness than we do spirited debates.

Whatever the case may be, out there and spread some capital-T Truth, folks. Don't ever forget what the biggest battle we're fighting is.

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