• Isa

Are Homeschool Moms the New American Revolutionaries?

Guest post for Activist Mommy

While many families often chose to homeschool for personal reasons, the widespread trend of homeschooling seems to be initiating a quiet revolution.

There are of course many different educational methods that fit different families and the learning needs of their children, but I have always been personally drawn to the classical method, as have a great many Christian home educators.

The classical traditions that are experiencing a revival in homes across America are about much more than simply memorizing timelines and learning to recite great works of poetry.

They are the educational traditions on which all of the Western Civilization was built. And as the very same West seems to crumble all around us, those of us who have chosen to take our children's academic diets into our own hands may be changing the future more than we even realize.

You see, when our nation's public schools kicked out God, they also kicked out the moral and philosophical foundations on which our nation was built.

Many of us may be bringing our children home to be educated so we can teach them about God, but we don't necessarily realize how significant this is in the grander scheme of our society.


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