Don’t Ask Me What’s Going to Happen Next...

For an opinionated person like myself it’s been rather peculiar this week to largely not know what to think about a whole lot at the moment.

I am sure I share many of your thoughts as well; confusion, anger, indignation at the double-standards, set-ups, censorship, and flat-out lies.

What happened Wednesday, regardless of how it began, is being leveraged by the very people hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters flocked to the Capitol to protest to undermine this populist movement.

Yes, I firmly believe Antifa helped to rile up the unrest and violence, I heard today one man even claimed he was trying to understand Trump supporters, from what I’ve heard.

Yes, I see that we now know who is genuinely interested in resisting tyranny and who would rather just go along with the status quo and remain in an undrained swamp.

No, I don’t know what happens next and you don’t need to either.

Trump is not our god, while he may be a formidable leader and one who I have a hard time believing is going to just lay down his weapon after perhaps the dirtiest trick that has been played on the explosive grassroots movement that not only supports him, but realizes this is about the very foundation of our republic and the One who establishes authority and governance in the first place.

I don’t need to have undying faith he will prevail, so please don’t feel like you have to either.

It‘s OK to simply wait on the Lord and wonder where this is going.

But let’s not do so impassively.

Now more than ever it is time to put on that spiritual armor and get to work on the spiritual battlefield.

Pray to a God who makes man’s 3D chess look like tiddlywinks.

Pray to a God who has always seen the entire picture and everything that has and will ever happened, every thought every man has ever had, every sin ever committed since that very first but from the fruit in the garden to the last sin He’ll rein judgment on That Day.

Because that’s just it: God will hold these crooks accountable if men fail to in this life.

We could be in for earthly victory, or we could be in for tremendous change that will render the world we were born into completely unrecognizable.

The Lord knows.

And that his the whole of my peace and comfort right now as I sincerely pray for earthly justice and my nation to live to see another day of freedom at the end of this.

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