Getting Out of Digital Dodge

This week was the final straw.

I’ve been reliably informed for four years that the man I voted for in 2016 is literally Hitler and also a dictator and a tyrant.

Yet here he is, getting permanently banned from one of the top purveyors of information across the globe because he questioned the integrity of an election.

Democrats, the media, and a decent amount of Republicans and independents claimed for years that the 2016 election had been compromised.

They had every right to make their claims, no matter how much emphatic disagreement one may have with the veracity of them.

That’s the First Amendment.

I was never upset that any of these people had the right to say what they said, I was upset that what they were saying was wrong.

If the left had been getting censored on social media while legacy news refused to cover it and relentlessly characterized them as conspiracy theorists, racists, white supremacists, and Nazis, I would have thought that was an attack on free speech.

I was not upset that Black Lives Matter was marching this summer, I was upset that (to say nothing of their immoral ideology) so many people followed up genuinely peaceful protests with looting, rioting, arson, assault, and even murder in dozens of cases.

I am nowhere near a good enough writer to even find the words to articulate how Orwellian and twisted this all is.

It’s psychological warfare. Classic communist tactics.

It’s mass deception and deceit.

It’s insanity.

And it’s my nation being invaded by ideological brain snatchers who have subdued almost everyone save a select few who are considered by polite society to be dangerous racist insurgents....led by a man I’ve been told is a dictator.

We’ve all know it was headed this way with Big Tech and I’m tired of standing in front of the train I know is about to hit me hoping the conductor will manage to slam the breaks on in time.

I’m giving Parler another go, you can find me there at @crunchyconchristianmom. I also just signed up for MeWe, so find me there as well (my name is Isa Ryan, not sure how you even find someone yet lol. I’ll figure it out).

I need to set up some time and make sure I have all the contacts I need so I can officially delete my Big Tech accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

I’d like to set up a new email address as well where any of my followers can contact me directly.

I’ll be blogging here regularly and it’s going to be an adjustment since I’m far more accustomed to creating content with instant feedback in the form of reactions and comments.

I no longer care.

I sincerely hope you’ll stay with me and follow me here.

Because I’m ready to get the heck out of dodge.

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