• Isa

Men Go to War

I will never, ever, ever in a million years *ever* apologize for the fact that I believe men should go to war.

Women are strong and capable of so much, it’s a fallacy that anything a woman does is “weak.” Women are capable of amazing things and often much more than modern, western women think they are.

This will never undermine the fact that men are stronger, bigger, and simply wired differently in the vast majority of cases.

Women are biologically designed to bear and nurture children, spiritually and psychologically equipped to be a support and companion to those in their lives—remember, we don’t just serve our husbands or children! We are valuable and precious to society, we *are* society, it is women, men, and the weak that men protect when they protect their homeland and maintain safety on their streets—those less equipped to defend themselves.

No matter what the intelligencia is doing to redefine the idea of gender or undermine clearly valuable traditional expectations for men and women, it’s still largely men out there, everywhere, who are standing up to violence. Our police officers, infantrymen, special ops, security guards, etc. I’m grateful for the sacrifice of any woman who steps up to do this, I just still adamantly oppose the idea that we should encourage it unless she can genuinely keep up with the men and is right with the Lord in doing so.

Men go to war.

It’s what they do.

And they do it for all of us; those who sit comfortably behind the ring of protection service members provide us in a moral, civil society.

The radical left is launching targeted attacks on this wall every day.

Men, please rise up to reinforce it and protect our peace.

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