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No Matter What The Left Says, America Hasn’t Forgiven Itself For Our History Of Racism

I’d like to present a radical idea to you.

What is happening in our country right now is not due to a pervasive, ongoing institutional racism, but rather, because of a pervasive, ongoing institutional collective guilt for our history of racism.

Now, obviously as a very, very white person, I cannot at all imagine what it’s like growing up knowing some of your ancestors were once slaves and later treated to godless segregation laws.

But I do know that I and every single other white person I’ve ever known in my entire life, of all political persuasions, thinks that chattel slavery was a grievous sin.

Our nation has a very, very painful history when it comes to race, and considering the Civil Rights Movement was only a half-century ago, this wound is still fresh.

The far-left ideology behind much of the narratives on race is what divides our country.

Support for racism is not.

The reason that our cities have erupted in protests and the reason everyone from your favorite influencer to your insurance company are making pledges to fight racism is because:

  1. Virtually everyone opposes the death of George Floyd

  2. Virtually everyone opposes racism

This is a very controversial opinion but I will state it until I see evidence to the contrary: there’s no indication that what happened to Floyd was a direct result of the color of his skin other than the narrative of institutional racism which singles out black men for police brutality.

The statistics, however, do not support this narrative. An infinitesimal amount of the interactions between law enforcement and black men result in unjust killings (check out the show notes for a recent episode of the Relatable podcast which is a goldmine of statistics on this issue).

There are so many other factors that go into what we perceive as institutional racism, such as class, culture, and socioeconomic politics. This is something that is discussed at length in the amazing book Wealth, Poverty, and Politics by Thomas Sowell. Everyone needs to read this to understand how much more complex things that we try to paint as black and white (literally) really is.

In spite of all the complexities and nuances, however, it is because of our collectively scarred conscious when it comes to race, we all draw the same conclusion from Floyd’s death.

Racism is wrong.

I still am willing to state this boldly despite believing it to be tangential to the issue, because everyone else is inevitably talking about it.

What I see hardly anyone talking about, however, is that, as evidenced by the global protests that have broken out as a result of his death, we live in a society where police brutality is deemed as pure evil.

And we also live in a society where racism is deemed as pure evil.

We do not, however, live in a society where it is considered wrong to destroy private property in the name of political progress, apparently. We do not live in a society where data and facts dictate mainstream narratives. We do not live in a society where white people feel comfortable stating their views on race unless the fit the narrative of the loudest voices, who all happen to be secular and far-left progressives, if not radicals.

And this is a problem.

How are we going to solve racism if we’re being completely dishonest about it? How are we going to stop hate if we have turned our collective guilt about racism into a new social order of thought policing?

I am very, very concerned about the way society is going, in no small part because racism isn’t actually being addressed this way.

This isn’t progress.

This is insurrection.

And unless we want to usher in a new age of race-based policies and severe limitations on civil rights, we had better put the brakes on this trainwreck quickly.

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