People Who Don’t Believe In Hell Celebrate That Rush Limbaugh Is Now Supposedly In Hell

On Tuesday, talk radio Rush Limbaugh passed away, much to the dismay of millions of conservatives to whom he was a legend and a trailblazer.

The tributes were widespread and heartfelt, and former President Donald Trump even broke his media silence in a series of interviews to top right-wing outlets to react to the death of his close friend and adamant supporter.

And leftists, right on cue, began celebrating that Limbaugh was now, they are sure, in hell (like this sick example the self-avowed "spiritual but not religious" Ron Pearlman).

These are leftists, of course, who generally don’t believe in the concept of heaven and hell.

Sure—I will grant there are people out there celebrating that Limbaugh is in hell who genuinely believe in hell and that he was, for one reason or another, an immoral person. That’s a separate conversation.

I am talking about the people who we all know base their worldview in secular, subjective ideals and, at the end of the day, don’t even believe hell is where you go when you die with Christ in the first place.

Because they disliked Limbaugh’s politics and opinions, leftist believe that, because he is indeed a disgusting, immoral person, will be punished for what he did in this life.


In progressive hell, where those of us who fail to attain the highest rank of intersectional transcendence will spend our lives in eternity?

Hell is a belief held by Christians who believe in the traditional values these kinds of people abhor.

The only reason anyone believes in hell or has the vocabulary of such an afterlife being the result of earthly wrongs is because the of centuries of Christian teaching that has gotten us to the point in society where the common man feels so comfortable expressing their indignation with governing powers that it will get you in more trouble to support the police and the military than it will to support violent riot movements and radical, godless ideology that is certainly not based on the belief that we will be held eternally accountable for our actions in this life.

The only reason anyone thinks that Limbaugh is a bad guy is because they do have the inherent sense that our actions on earth matter and how we treat others is of the utmost spiritual consequence, but don’t have enough sense to notice the dissonance between this concept and postmodern secular humanist ideals that make them think he’s a terrible person for loving freedom and traditional values.

Why is it even a bad thing for him to go to hell, if you don’t actually believe in a Bible that says we will go to hell if we do not follow the one true God?

By what standard is Limbaugh a bad person, if morality is subjective and we can each live “our truth”?

There is no reason to celebrate or even comment on the eternal destination of Rush Limbaugh if you do not even believe that such an eternal destination matters.

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