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The Bait-and-Switch Narrative on the Capitol Building Siege

There is a very dirty trick being played on an unsuspecting populace that has largely never been taught the value of critical thinking.

This has nothing to do with who started the riots on Capitol Hill, whether Trump supporters or undercover left-wing radicals—although this is extremely important to examine, of course.

The bait-and-switch trick is one that is very often played on followers of the mainstream media, who see the headlines that pop up in Apple News, the homepage of their preferred web browser, or across the ticker of their preferred cable news channel each evening.

Those who craft the narrative rely heavily on a population of viewers and readers who look to legacy media or the state as the barometer for right and wrong, official and unofficial, proven and disproven.

This is because our culture is so heavily secularized that the vast majority of Americans seem to have no idea that they’ve never even considered the concept of absolute truth and who determines it—even many Christians.

This ignorance to the necessity of forming the most basic of logical foundations on which to build one’s worldview and ability to discern sound information from deceptive seems to correlate almost perfectly with the decline of biblical values that place a supreme, inerrant authority above that held by any man.

On Wednesday, assuming the mainstream media’s narrative is correct, violent pro-Trump protesters breached and stormed the Capitol Building during a joint session of Congress as the Electoral College votes from each state were being counted and certified.

During this joint session, as was well-known, several members of Congress planned to and did object to the electors put forward by states where there have been allegations of voter fraud and irregularities.

Outside, a massive protest of Trump supporters who agreed with the objection to the vote totals took place at the same time, and some people stormed the building.

What is true: everyone on Capitol Hill that day was individually responsible for their actions.

What isn’t true: objecting to the certification of Electoral College votes from states where there have been allegations of voter fraud caused the “siege” of the building.

Yet, a sitting president of the United States, who has contested the election and refused to concede without ever once calling a single person to arms and in fact loudly and decisively condemned and called for an end to the violence as soon as it occurred, has been permanently banned from one of the largest platforms for conveying speech in the history of human existence.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), the first member of the Senate to announce plans to object to the vote, also lost a book deal over the role he supposedly played in inciting such violence.

Objecting to the election is not a call to violence.

To claim so is highly fallacious, and I’d be willing to bet millions upon millions of Americans haven’t even paused for a moment to consider the question whether objecting to an election and engaging in an act of violence because you object to the election are the same thing.

Because they’re not.

Now, you could easily find politicians in Washington D.C. who openly and shamelessly justified significantly more deadly and damaging violence this summer, but I won’t digress on that one.

You might disagree that the election was ravaged with fraud—fine.

You might disagree that one should storm the Capitol Building out of anger over the results of the election—fine.

But it is intellectually dishonest and, frankly, morally devoid to equate the two yet millions of people are happily swallowing this lie because it’s spoon-fed to them by those to whom they give enormous authority of which they’re entirely undeserving.

They are lying to you, and deceiving you, deliberately, for the sake of a certain agenda.

Our nation may not have been taken over by the communists quite yet, but we’ve been held captive by such deceptive intellectual trickery for a very long time—and this is how, if the enemies of freedom indeed succeed, they’ll have managed to pull such a takeover off.

Pray for our country.

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