The Failure of Earthly Systems to Bring About Perfect Justice

Many conservatives in the U.S. have been clamoring for justice for years.

In the face of well-supported allegations of corruption in the highest levels of government that are largely ignored by a corporate mainstream media complex that simply refrains from covering the latest declassified documents or congressional hearing, it’s impossible to ignore the facts yet demoralizing to feel like you’re one of just a handful of people paying attention.

I strongly believe that both as Christians and Americans, we are called to pursue and defend justice and in our morally depraved society, few others have a grasp on what objective justice really is.

This nation was founded by men who had an understanding of the universal laws that govern nature, although it is poorly understood by most moderns.

They knew that there were moral and spiritual laws above any king or earthly leader.

Our republic was founded as a great social experiment in self-rule and self-governance, but without an objective definition of justice, self-rule quickly dissolves into anarchy. The framers knew this (here is an excellent resource on the moral underpinnings of our nation’s founding).

Right now, conservatives and patriots are rightly enraged at the voter fraud we appear to be witnessing that is poised to steal an election from the American people.

It’s just the latest example of undeniable corruption that seems all to easy to get away with in this day and age.

And yet...if we do not ground ourselves in God’s perfect justice, His perfect truth, we will never be satisfied with any amount of earthly justice.

We are crying for justice, but must reassure ourselves that the only true and complete justice will come with the Lord’s return. This is such a comfort.

This is, however, by no means a reason to turn our back on injustice. Rather, we must always keep God’s perfect justice as the touchstone, otherwise, we will quickly devolve into our own anarchistic mob, whether proverbially or otherwise.

Keep the faith, in the Lord first, and secondly to the vision of our founders and the moral imperative of republican citizenship.

His promises are so much greater than anything we can do on earth, and His salvation more rewarding than any earthly plight.

But as long as we are empowered to govern ourselves in this revolutionary new country of ours, let us hold fast ever to the Truth of God’s righteousness and continue to pursue justice, however fleeting it may be, in His name and for His glory alone.

Otherwise, it is only for our own glory.

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