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The Impeachment Reminds Me Why I Voted for Trump

Happy Impeachment, everyone!

Wow, what a week! History is being made, one seems to care.

Trump was right when he called the whole absurd process “impeachment lite.”

I have been following the impeachment process since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi first announced she was opening an official impeachment inquiry back in October. I am a news blog content creator for my "day job" and so I have also had quite a lot of opinions about the impeachment watching the whole process unfold, as you can imagine.

Still, knowing full well that the House was voting on the two articles of impeachment on Wednesday, I was surprised by my own apathy. I’m a Trump supporter, I think the Democrats have gone haywire, I think the entire impeachment is a slap in the fact to constitution and the American voting public. So why did I barely care?

Trump said it best on Wednesday night at a rip-roaring rally in Battle Creek, Michigan (leave it to Trump to hold a rally while Congress is voting to impeach him at literally the exact same time):

”It doesn’t really feel like we’re being impeached, does it?” he told the cheering crowd.

Dude, this is exactly why I voted for Trump in 2016.

When the Orange Man first announced his bid for presidency in 2015, I laughed.

Over the next year, though, as I watched the hysteria rain down on Trump, I became intrigued as the more people bashed him, the more endearing his platform and the idea of voting for him got.

Everyone who supported everything immoral, tyrannical, and evil seemed to hate this guy.

And by 2016, to make a long, tangential story short, by 2016 I was emphatically pulling the proverbial lever for Trump.

As long as Trump has been in office, his opponents have been seeking a silver bullet with which to take down the seemingly invincible newcomer politician.

What they seem to fail to grasp, however, is that everything they do to combat him just proves to his base that he is being persecuted politically for standing up for their interests.

If these people are willing to do this many bad things to try to get him removed from office, he must be doing something right, amirite?

Imagine if we had a dignified Democrat party willing to make the best out of a Trump presidency by calmly and rationally arguing against his positions or soberly objecting to his crude language and cavalier foreign policy efforts.

Imagine if we had an honest media who simply reported the facts, the good and the bad of the Trump presidency.

Would Trump be so outrageous? Would he troll them so much? Would he "bully" them so much?

Can anyone even imagine a Trump presidency without his opposition?

No, it’s the establishment‘s vehement objection to him that gives him his popularity. The people love that the politicians and pundits that they’re sick of hate him so very much.

Every time they slam him, slander him, and whip themselves into hysterics over the fact that they haven’t woken up from the nightmare of 2016, his base gets stronger and political skeptics warm to him.

Trump has this insane ability to expose the worst in his critics. This is the bizarre power of his presidential trollery.

Because think about it: he’s gotten them all to admit how radical they are, and he’s gotten them to reveal how corrupt and manipulative the swamp really is.

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit: the Democrats can’t touch him.

This is because they’re trapped. If they sit back and let him do what he promised he would do in office, well, he’d still be in office. But if they fight him every step of the way, they inevitably prove why anyone voted for him in the first place.

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