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Welcome to Crunchy Con Christian Mom Blog


My name is Isa and this is my latest attempt at blogging regularly. I had a blog, End Times Mama, for a several years but always struggled to write regularly, most particularly because my interests began to shift. 

I won't bore you with the long-winded (and I am long-winded) details but long story short, although I will forever be the End Times Mama in my heart, the passions I have that I'd actually like to blog about have much more to do with, well being a crunchy con conservative mom! 

So I have started fresh with a new site, a new goal, and (several) new passions. 

So, starting fresh, let me introduce myself.

I am a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, I have been married for eight years and have two amazing little boys, aged 5 and 7. 

Beyond my faith and my family, it would be very hard to say if I was more passionate about holistic health and fitness or my conservative values, hence the mash-up name of my blog. :D So, let me offer you a very brief life story to contextualize these interests of mine. 

I grew up in San Francisco, so the way I feel about both of these things is rather dictated by the culture that raised me. 

I am very grateful to have had parents who taught me about good food, whole food, and seeing the body as a whole system. 

They raised me around nature, despite living in a city, and my passion for the outdoors eventually led me to live in a very small, remote town on Maui where I met my husband and came to know Jesus. 

A few years after our boys were born, the 2016 election began to loom on the horizon. Although I was a devout Christian at this point, but as a former socialist and far-left liberal, I was generally jaded about politics in general.

However, like so many other Americans, my beliefs in life and liberty became galvanized as we stared down the barrel of a Clinton presidency and I suddenly found myself far more educated in and passionately defending the values Hillary would no doubt try to upend.

During this time my family and I left Hawaii and moved to the Ozarks, where we now live. 

Despite a serious objection to the man at the start of the primaries, ended up voting happily for Trump, on the same day I mailed in my application for my CCHL, by the way!

There were three major reasons: abortion, gun rights, and religious liberty. 

I'm not always thrilled with the way Trump governs, but I always breathe a sigh of relief to imagine how very differently things could have turned out. 

So, from a far-left socialist to a Trump-voting, gun-toting conservative? Yup, that's me.

But many things have not changed. I've always been passionate about holistic health and whole foods, and can safely say I'm probably more of a hippie now than I ever was when I was a liberal. 

In fact, it is through holistic health, fitness, and my crunchy lifestyle that I feel I have learned and grown close to the Lord. 

Whether I'm challenging myself to lift more weight, trying to clean out my cupboards of man-made additives that degrade the body's perfectly-designed systems, or enjoying the power of natural herbs or superfoods, my quest for a healthy lifestyle and home is an act of worship and awe for our Creator. 

I'd tell you all about the plans I have for this blog, but there may be no point. You see, I am a freelance conservative content writer by day, and blogging has always been kind of a pipe dream for me. Rather than try to "build my own brand" or grow an audience, I'd really just like a place where I can write about the things that matter to me the most and, Lord willing, inspire and be edified by others. 

So, grab some chai tea, throw on your MAGA hat, and let's get to know each other! 

(OK so I don't actually own a MAGA hat.)

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