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Whatever Happens, You Will Glorify God

One of the many ways in which this year has been so bizarre is that we're all so suspended between the everyday trials *and* the crippling existential crises that you'd think would make the mundane trials pale by comparison, but they don't.

Most of the mothers I know are finding the challenges of housework, meal planning, home education, and basic self-maintenance incredibly difficult.

Meanwhile, it's impossible to deny we are faced with an incredibly insecure future in which could lay economic devastation, widespread civil unrest, war, totalitarianism, and/or a new world order of technocratic fascism.

Parenting is hard. Marriage is hard. Homemaking is hard. But so are broken relationships and homes.

Telling the truth is hard. Going against the grain is hard. Standing up to tyranny is hard. But so is submitting to it.

Life is hard because we live in a fallen world and it's time to pick our hard.

We need to be real and face the possibility that, given human nature, the times we're in, and what we've learned from history, we could be about to face significantly harder times.

There's nothing we can do about this, and that's actually OK. Why? Because we serve a Lord who has already secured our ultimate victory.

We are warned countless times that this walk will be difficult. We are also assured into literal eternity that if we follow Him and Him alone, we can bear anything.

Rejoice in hope.

Be patient in tribulations.

And ever faithful in prayer.

Do this, and no matter the trials, no matter the horrors, no matter the pain, we will live forever. Even through suffering, tribulation, and heartbreak, our faith will highlight His goodness.

Every single trial is an opportunity to give Him glory by raising our eyes to Him and giving glory to Him.

This is the eternal beauty of the Christian walk.

No matter what you do, if your trust is in Him, even when you can't see what He's doing, you will glorify God.

This can certainly be easier said than done—which is exactly why we need to train ourselves to stay in the Word and submit our every thought to Christ.

It has never been easier to be distracted from the things of God. Even as we follow the news and chatter from like-minded Christians and patriots online, it’s easy to feel like we’re glorifying God when we’re still getting caught up in earthly things.

There are many people fighting on the side of what is right who may not necessarily be leading us to Christ. I believe our nation has the capacity to glorify God in amazing ways and has throughout our history, but it is also full of wickedness, deception, and sin, and even the most righteous political cause can sometimes shove true Biblical Christianity into the back seat of our minds at times.

We have got to ground all of our reasoning and manner of coping with the changes in the world around is in the inherently truthful and good Word of God.

This is exactly why I picked Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin to begin the Bold Truth Book Club’s 12 for 2021 reading challenge.

I am a huge lover of literature, but consuming the written word without first fixing our eyes on the life-saving words of the Bible, any endeavor to entertain, edify, or comfort ourselves with books will be just another idol or idle fancy.

These days, we are overwhelmed with information, much of it written in haste or lacking proper judgment or reasoning.

The best way to combat this—and cope with mistruths being perpetuated in the culture at large or from governing bodies—is to begin our own reasoning with the infallible biblical promises and precepts and the well-versed knowledge thereof.

For all the power struggles and crimes and oppression that take place in the physical realm, there is nothing as powerful as the quest to overcome your mind.

So arm yourself with the Word of God—and with a community of sisters striving for the same goal together. I'd love to have you join us.

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