Why Christian Conservative Arguments Fall on Deaf Ears

This might sound kind of defeatist, but I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how hopeless it is to try to get through to so many people who align with left-wing politics, from the lowest of the low information Biden voter to the most rabid radical.

I’ve invested a lot of energy over the last ten years of my Christian walk reasoning through my beliefs, and explaining my political persuasions is just the same.

But right there is the problem, I believe.

We’re not actually arguing about politics right now.

We’re arguing about worldviews. Dramatically oppositional worldviews, at that.

On the right, you have folks who believe in something higher than any man or position on earth—an infallible Creator and arbiter of justice.

On the left, however, you have folks who, even while they may profess Christianity, rely on mainstream, worldly narratives and an underlying sense of a man-made position as the arbiter or justice.

What is lacking at the core of the secular humanist worldview is an objective sense of right and wrong, and when these factions collectively decide what is right and wrong on their own, it’s always a subjective basis.

Which, considering it originates in the mind of fallen, infallible, sinful man, is nothing short of deadly.

Particularly when applied to governance.

I’m not here to say there’s no point in appealing to leftists. Far from it.

But we’ve got to understand that we will always be like the fable of the two goats if we aim our rhetorical attacks at residual differences of opinion rooted in fundamental differences in how we view the world.

The central call for the Christian is to preach the Gospel, which is incomplete without conveying the nature of sin and the fall of man.

There is no reason for man to allow himself to be governed—let alone govern himself—without the objective touchstone of biblical morality.

The Christian ought to take for granted that the Word of God is the ultimate authority in our lives. If you’ve wondered why so many Christians seem unconcerned about the blatantly immoral platform of today’s Democratic left, look no further than the breakdown of this core tenant of the faith.

As Alisa Childers details in Another Gospel: A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity, there is a growing attitude among Christians that the authority of the scripture is up to our own discretion and that ultimately man is free to decide how much they’d like to take literally from the Bible, and how much they’d like to toss aside or dismiss as outdated, irrelevant, or even downright wrong.

The truth is, whether you’re redefining the entire faith or merely tweaking the Biblical view to suit your preferred narrative, every Christian is at risk of worshipping a god of their own making if they do not value the authority of scripture above their own judgment.

There is no point in defending policies or candidates or even the survival of our republic and western society as a whole if we do not first begin by identifying God’s perfect judgment and righteousness.

Proverbs 27:5 Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the LORD understand all things.

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