• Isa

Yup, It's Happening. Poll Shows Many US Families Now Considering Sticking With Homeschooling.

Guest post for Activist Mommy

At the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, as nearly every family with school-aged children was suddenly thrust into a practice that had previously been adapted by a minority of American families, it was hard for homeschool advocates not to hope that they might find some new converts on their side.

If you passionately believe that homeschool is best for most children, it was hard not to speculate that maybe, just maybe, a silver lining to this whole unprecedented major historical event thing would be that more families would find that not only is homeschool easier than it seems, but it's actually a greatly fulfilling joy.

It now appears that this was indeed the case for a large group of American families who are now more seriously considering educating at home. *Homeschool mom happy dance*


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